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Info for future relatico account owners of your company

Please read this if another department of your company would like to work with relatico.

We recommend using multiple relatico accounts per company
Please read our recommendations about this topic here...

The first user of a relatico account is administrator. Only the administrator is able to invite further users to the new relatico account.

Send this e-mail to your colleague:

Hello [name of colleague],

This is how to create your new relatico account:

Go to the relatico sign up page
Enter your name, your business e-mail and a secure password of your choosing.
You will receive an e-mail, asking you to validate your e-mail address. (Before doing so, your relatico account will not be fully functional.)
After confirming your e-mail address you will be able to invite more users to your new relatico account. Read more about this here...

If you encounter any problems registering for your new relatico account or when inviting users, please contact Team relatico at

Best regards

Updated on: 08/10/2020

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