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Getting started with relatico (Fast-track setup)

This kind of setup is best for you when

You really don't have any time, but you need to get going
You don't have people to help you
You need results - fast
There will be an audit "by tomorrow"

Use it when

You already have a good body of documentation ("quite complete") and
you want to use relatico for helping you getting it up to date

Here is what you need to do:

Create contacts (suppliers)
Upload all the files to the contact folders
Go through the files and set expiries (and reminders if you want)
Ask for new versions if you discover outdated documents

This way:

Suppliers will get back to you with file updates fast
You will focus on the actuality of all the documentation you already gathered before relatico
Any auditor visiting you will honor this, because you are top-notch in your industry.

Updated on: 21/02/2020

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