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My relatico

My relatico is your starting point.

All your files and folders will show up here.

You can:
create folders and sub-folders here
connect them to contacts
filter all available data

Detailed breakdown:

My Relatico view
All of the files and folders will show up here in a hierarchical order.
Only the top level folders and files that belong to My Relatico will be visible.

When you filter, the folders and files will appear in a flat list (all of the files and folders in the system will appear based on the filter).
Save filters if you would like to easily access needed filtered view when viewing your data.

Hide/Show Columns:
Customize your view depending on what you need to see most.
Information in the table will vary based on whether the column has a file or a folder attribute.

A folder with subfolders has an icon showing multiple folders, while a regular folder (no subfolders) has a single folder icon.
This is to help you differentiate between them as you are managing your data.

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Updated on: 05/08/2020

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