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Your company logo in relatico

How to add your company's logo to your relatico account

You can only use this feature as an account owner.

You want to be recognizable in relatico both as a person and as a company.

If you want your company logo to appear

on the upload pages
in outgoing relatico emails
in your relatico account

you should do the following:

Please go to the account settings

You can only use this function as an account owner.

On the right side you will see profile picture and company logo .

Under the company logo you will see the button Change Logo . Click on it.

Now you can upload an image file with your company's logo.

If you agree that relatico can use your logo as a reference, e.g. on, just leave the check mark under the image. If you do not want this , remove the check mark. Your selection is saved automatically.

Updated on: 27/04/2020

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