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Curating good emails in relatico

Curating good emails in relatico

So that you can communicate with business partners (contacts), i.e. suppliers, customers via relatico, create them as contacts in relatico.

More about contacts here ...

If you do not yet have the e-mail address of a business partner (suppliers / customers / traders / manufacturers), you can still create the contact with a placeholder at any time and enter the real e-mail address later.

However, as long as the address has not been entered correctly, requests for missing or files to be checked cannot be sent.

How to get working email addresses from your suppliers:

The first point of contact is usually your ERP. There may be contact person data in the vendors' master data records. If so, start with them.
However, in our experience, these are only about ~ 50% usable, since they are often not well maintained.

Remember that such data is simply outdated and often only created once when the supplier was created - and that could have been years ago.

A safe way to get working e-mail addresses from suppliers is to simply ask the purchaser who places the orders.
This is where communication takes place and you have at least one working e-mail address per supplier.

You are also welcome to give your colleagues from the purchasing department access to relatico by simply inviting them into your account and asking them to update some email addresses.

Updated on: 26/02/2020

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