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What is a contact in relatico?

What are contacts?

A contact is a company or person with whom you work with via relatico.

This can be:
a supplier
a customer
a freelancer commissioned by you
a consultant
the tax office
Your tax advisor / lawyer
an applicant
a future business partner
or with whoever you want to share files in an organized and secure manner.

What defines a contact on relatico?

A contact is defined by mandatory information:
a name
This can be the first and last name of a person or a company name including legal form and ERP number.

relatico needs this information to create a contact.

If you want to reach someone and request or share files, or talk to them about business and contracts, especially if you work in a team, you need even more:

an e-mail address

Relatico can help you send and receive messages to contacts and remind your contacts of expired files.

a language

When you do international business, you often communicate in a common language. You can set the languages ​​that relatico should use when you send automated messages to your contact - even if you want to insert individual messages here and there.

What else can you do with contacts?

You can add folders to contacts.

We call this a contact folder. You can create additional contact folders at any time. Contact folders are handy to organize your document / data exchange according to different business processes and the requirements of different departments.

For example:

A contact folder can be used to record your supplier qualification data.
Another contact folder can be used to collect all material-related data that you manage for this contact via relatico.
Another contact folder for this contact can be used to collect and save documents that you need for all deliveries from this company.

Updated on: 24/02/2020

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