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Communication functionality

With the comprehensive communication functionality in relatico, you can now take even more control over your conversations with business partners all in one place.

You can access this new functionality under Communication sidebar item in your account. There you will see:

Received messages
Sent messages
Automated Emails
Scheduled Emails

Below you will find details regarding each of these pages.

Received Messages:

Here you will see all of the emails that you have received from your business partners. This includes:
Received emails
Bulk Actions
Search for emails in your Inbox via keywords

Sent Messages:

On this page you will be able to see all of the emails that you have sent to your business partners.

On the email list you will see the options to:
See status of sent emails
Filter by emails
Perform bulk actions
Search for specific Sent emails via keywords


When you receive files from your business partners, they will appear in the email thread and also the Attachments sidebar item in your account.

When viewing attachments on this page, you can Filter through the list of files to find what you are looking for.

You can filter by:
File Format
Date received

Automated emails:

Automated emails page is here to make sure that you can always access the emails that are sent when you trigger a communication action with your business partner.

These include:
Requesting new versions
Sharing folders

Here you are also able to:
Filter emails
Use bulk actions

Scheduled emails:

When you send emails, you have the option to schedule them to arrive to your business partner at a specific date.

These schedules emails will appear in the Scheduled Emails sidebar item for full transparency, so that you can keep track of which emails will be sent when.


Here you will see all of the emails that you deleted from Inbox, Sent or Automated emails.

On this page you have the ability to:
Restore emails
Preview messages

Updated on: 25/08/2020

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