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How to check if your message arrived

If you manually send a message or relatico sends a message because a file has reached the expiry date according to your settings, an email is sent to the stored contact.

If this email arrives error-free, it is displayed in the contact list and in each individual contact by a green symbol.

If neither you nor relatico have ever written to this address, you will see a gray icon:

If there are errors, you will see a red symbol:

In this case, you should use a different email address to contact your business partner.

In cases where the technical status of the email is (still) unclear, relatico will show you a yellow icon:

Yellow is just a transition state. Usually the state always changes to red or green after a while. This is because of how emails work on a technical level.

Note: relatico always only shows the status of the last email address used. This means that past messages to other email addresses for the same contact are not displayed or monitored.

Updated on: 21/02/2020

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