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Passing audits with relatico

See how relatico can support you in the four most common audit cases.

1. Show everything from a supplier in terms of documentation.

Open the contact folder of the supplier.
Check the completeness of the supplier.
See what contact folders there are.
Check the contents of the folders.


2. Show everything that is available about a certain material (in purchasing), also from different suppliers.

Look up the material via search
Open the supplier box
Check the status and completeness of the documentation


3. Present all product specifications, such as IFS certificates, etc.

Find document type
click on the type
Receive a list and check.


4. Show the status of the documentation coming from the finished product in relation to everything that goes into the finished product.

Create labels with the names / numbers of your finished products.
Label all purchase products with the labels of your finished products
Behind a finished product label there is always a list of your articles / materials in purchasing.
There is a documentation status behind each article.


Updated on: 21/02/2020

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