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How do I make my templates available to suppliers on relatico?

How to distribute templates to your contacts

If you have general templates like:
Supplier self-assessment / supplier questionnaire
Emergency contact person
Conditions of purchase
QAA templates
and similar templates
and want to make them available for suppliers, you can proceed as follows:

Create one or more folders Templates

Consider whether there are groups of suppliers who do not need certain templates, then additional folders may be useful

Consider whether there are suppliers who should use your templates in other languages, then additional folders might make sense (not applicable if your templates are multilingual or you only speak to suppliers in English).

Create a shareable link and distribute it to your suppliers via message.
Simply copy this into all outgoing messages. (You can also use text templates here ...)

If you have already created appropriate checklists for your contacts, relatico will also tell you directly where they should upload or send the completed templates.

This way, your contacts do not need a relatico account, because all templates are available by simply calling up the share link.

Updated on: 26/02/2020

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