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Managing Traders (Brokers) and Manufacturers (Producers)

Here's how to do it:
Using the email address of your trader, add them as a contact
Label them as a trader or broker.
Now add all manufacturers / producers that you obtain from this dealer with the email address of the respective trader.

If you want to communicate directly with the manufacturers, ie. without going through the trader, insert the manufacturer's email address directly.

Label all these manufacturers
once with the label manufacturer or producer or similar.
as well as the name of the trader through whom you buy from these manufacturers.

This way you can:
create a list of all manufacturers.
create a list of all manufacturers that you obtain from a particular dealer.
always see which manufacturer comes from which dealer.

If you acquire a manufacturer via different traders, don't worry: simply add the manufacturer as a contact as often as needed with the respective email addresses of the traders. You can then easily see who is who thanks to the different labels.

Requests for data:
You can add checklists with requirements to the manufacturer's contact folder.

If you send file requests, they will arrive directly at the trader. The trader either has the documents or will obtain them from the manufacturer for you. (Unless you have entered the manufacturer's email address directly.)

If the trader forwards your relatico email to the manufacturer: No need to worry, the manufacturer can upload the files directly into your relatico folder or can send them back as attachments to the correct folder in your relatico account.

Ideally, you should only add checklist elements to the contact folder that directly affect it, e.x IFS Broker Certificate.

Updated on: 21/02/2020

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