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Organize incoming documents with a team

You should read this if:
You have received documents in the past by email and simply want to bring them to relatico
a business partner keeps sending documents to your own email address
You want to collect the documents that your colleagues keep in their email boxes

Then you should set up a common document input on relatico.

You or your colleagues can forward emails with file attachments to this common document input (folder).
The files then end up in the document input folder and can then be moved on from there.

And this is how it works:
Go to My Folders
Create a new folder under My Folders
Name this "Document Inbox", "Inbox" or similar
Go to the folder settings
Save the email address and / or the link of the folder

(These do not change and can therefore be distributed among the team.)

For you
Save the email address of the folder as a contact in your Outlook address book. Name the contact "relatico-Inbox" or "relatico document receipt" or something similar.
Now you can simply forward all future emails with file attachments to this address.
The attachments end up in the folder and you then sort or move them to the correct folders.

For your team
Distribute the email address or the link to your team.
Anyone who has received emails with documents that should go to relatico can simply forward them to the address.
If they have files on their computer, they can upload them using the link.
You then sort or move them to the correct folder.

Updated on: 21/02/2020

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