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Adding email addresses

It's normal that you can't enter all your contacts email addresses to relatico in the beginning - simply because you rarely have all of them completely and up to date.

Unfortunately, email addresses are rarely well maintained in ERP and CRM systems.

In addition, email addresses become obsolete over time, simply through name changes or because employees leave the company

With relatico, you always immediately see when an email address is no longer working.

Here are some ideas on how to efficiently get the email addresses you really need in relatico:

Go by priority.

Look for which files have already expired and from which contacts you need file checking or new versions.
Mark these contacts by entering a label with email.
This way you know which email addresses have priority.
After that, you can check the contacts with Expires soon files
Then you can check your other contacts.

Invite additional colleagues to your relatico account

Ask them to check or enter the email addresses for the contacts you have labeled.

Note: Only the account owner can do that.

If they are suppliers, ask the responsible colleagues from the purchasing department. They should always know at least one person at the supplier with the email address from whom they are ordering.

If they are customers, ask your sales or internal sales team.

Updated on: 21/02/2020

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