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How do files work in relatico?

How do files work in relatico?

Basically, you can manage, exchange and update all types of files via relatico.

A file preview (that is, you can view the file directly in relatico without having to download the file to view it) is currently available for the following file formats:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Image file formats such as .gif, .jpg, .png
Video formats like .mp4 or .mpeg

Additionally, you can see how the files arrived to your account. This information is shown on the top left corner of the file view. Files arrive to your account via:
In-app upload
Upload page sent to business partners

Subscribe to files if you would like to keep track of changes. The notifications inform you of:
Version changes
New notes
Expiration date changes

You can delete files that you do not want in relatico - then they are in the "Deleted files" menu.
From there you can permanently remove files.

If you click on a file name somewhere in relatico, e.g. in a list, the file preview normally opens in which you can edit the file.
You can close this by clicking on the X in the top right.

Of course you can also download all files from relatico.

Updated on: 26/11/2020

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