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Understanding folders

What you need to know about folders in relatico:

Folders are important for the basic organization of your files in relatico.

They work in a similar way as you know them from your computer.

A folder can be set up as a contact folder . Then you have the following additional functions:
Messages and checklists
Track the communication flow with your business partner

Every folder in relatico has
an Internet address , via which files can be uploaded from outside (without the need of a login and password)
an email address to which files can be sent from outside the system via email attachment.

You can find both addresses in the Settings of the respective folder.

You can also share each folder in different ways.

More about sharing folders here ...
Read how to create folders here ...

Subfolders as you know them from Windows will soon be available on relatico. Arrival around May 2020.

Updated on: 09/09/2020

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