Someone emailed me requesting a new file version

If you received a single file version request like the one below:

You have three options to respond to this request from your business partner.

Option 1. Click on Upload a new version of the file if you have it.
This will bring you to the upload page shown below. All you have to do is either pick a file from your computer or drag and drop the file into the drop zone. Your business partner will receive the new file version immediately in their account

Option 2. Click on This is the current version in the email if the version of the file is still current, and your business partner will be notified of your response.

Option 3. Click on I do not have the file if you do not have the requested file in your possession. Your business partner will be notified of your response.

If someone has requested more than 3 file versions from you, this is what the email will look like:

You can either click on the file names or click on Upload documents button, which will take you to the upload page.

You can:

Upload new file versions for specific files
Indicate that a requested file is still valid
Let your business partner know that you do not have this file

In all of the cases, your business partner will be notified immediately of your response.
If you do have any questions about relatico, do feel free to get in touch with us by emailing
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