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Partial checklists

Partial checklists

Now you are able to choose which checklist items you share with your business partners.

This can be achieved by either hiding or unhiding checklist items in the checklist tab of the folder, or when you are sending a message.

Hiding items in the Checklist Tab

Go to a folder for which you’d like to adjust the visibility of the checklist items.
Click on the icon located next to the checklist item(s) of your interest to change their visibility status.
When you share the link to the folder, your responder will not be able to see the checklist items which have been hidden.
These changes will also be taken into account when sending a Message.

Hiding checklist items when sending a message

Click on Send Message
Choose a contact and a folder that has a checklist
You will see that items that you may have hidden from the checklist tab, will also be shown hidden here.
Adjust the visibility to your liking by clicking on icon next to each checklist item
Your contact will only see the checklist items that you have chosen to show to them on both email and upload link.

Search and filter for checklist items

Search for items that are important to you and hide/unhide them in bulk
Filter by items in the checklist to easily find the items that you are looking for

Updated on: 15/05/2020

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