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How to use Bulk Actions on Checklist Items

How to use Bulk Actions on Checklist Items

You can now bulk edit checklist items in your relatico folders. All of these actions can be accessed from the Checklist Tab in your folders. Here are the actions that you can perform in bulk:

Copy checklist items to other folders

Simply select all of the items that you’d like to copy and press Bulk Actions.
You will see an option to Copy to Folder.
Choose which folder you’d like to copy the checklist item to.
Make sure to check Copy with Files if this checklist item has a file connected to it.

Hide/Show Checklist items to receiving party

Select which checklist items you’d like to hide/show
Click on Bulk Actions
Press Hide/Show Items, and your selected items will change according to your selection.

Delete Items from the list

Select items that you’d like to delete from your list
Click on Bulk Actions and press Delete items
Selected items will then be deleted from your checklist

You can also perform all of these actions on an item-by-item basis by clicking on the single item actions.

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Updated on: 15/05/2020

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