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Email template for your suppliers

You can use this email as a template to send to your suppliers when you switch over from ecratum to relatico
Note: Every supplier automatically receives an information email from relatico when you first contact them about missing files

Hello John Doe,

We at your company name have decided to use the relatico platform to manage and exchange our documentation with you.

What are the advantages for you?
You don't need to register with relatico to complete tasks.
You don't need to remember any URLs to log in.
You will receive fewer emails from us.

When we need documents from you:

You will receive an email from relatico from your company contact person, from which you can see which documents are needed. You can then simply send these documents back by email or upload them to relatico with a simple click.

If documents need to be updated:

This can also be done by email or by a simple click (without the need for a login and password).

If you receive emails from us from relatico, you can simply forward them internally to the right contact person at your company. The reply and upload function will still work.

relatico works in a similar way as if you would receive an email directly from our employees.

We simplified the exchange of documents and look forward to your cooperation.

Sincerely yours


Updated on: 27/02/2020

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